P.S. New Zealand
This is the travel blog of Ryan and Andrew. They left everything behind for two months to scour the islands of New Zealand. Peep the adventure.
The End

Well folks, like all good things, our trip has reached an end. We sold our stuff, dropped off our van, and hitchhiked to the airport. At the core, this trip has been about freedom, adventure and chance. We feel proud of what we’ve accomplished and grateful for this opportunity. New Zealand offered us more than we could ever imagine from the people to the land. It’s like no other place on earth. Thus, we’ll end it on this quote - "If you don’t go when you want to go, when you do go you’ll find you’ve gone"

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If You Go Straight Long Enough…

…you’ll end up where you were. After Thanksgiving we began our trek back to Auckland, a 3 hour ferry ride followed by an 8 hour drive all in one day. All the while digesting the last two months as we passed familiar roads and motorways to the city where it all began. Things we learned: Kiwi’s don’t like dogs, they love 90’s music, down with didymo, pies for the win, flip down to turn on a light, the people of NZ have huge hearts, when your 9km in - just keep going, and some risks are worth taking.

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Turkey Day in Akaroa

We didn’t expect much this Thanksgiving. Thanks to Dom and Olivia though we spent it at the dopest cabin ever and cooked a feast to be reckoned with…and reckon we did! Akaroa is a small community on the Banks Peninsula so mostly a quiet town. However, after a post-feast walk, we followed the sounds of a party and hung out with the local hooligans all night long. It was a turkey day to remember for sure. We’re so thankful to the Christchurch Duo, Olivia Bolivia and Doctor D. One love!

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Andrew grew up on Vashon Island, a very small town. By chance a buddy of his, Dom, is now living in Christchurch and we decided to pay him a visit. Dom and his girlfriend, Olivia, really hooked us up and showed us around town. If you didn’t know, Christchurch experienced two significant earthquakes this past year which left much of the city in shambles. We spent the day riding bikes around and, despite the wreckage, Christchurch is still alive and well. p.s. We’re gonna totally miss these delicious pies.

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Ray’s Gym & Taylor’s Mistake

Ray Thompson is a man you will never meet or hear about, but at one time he was a weight lifting legend. Now he’s 80 and runs a vintage gym straight out of the 70’s. We met Ray by chance on a rainy morning in the small township of Tinwald. He was classic in every sense of the word. After a good workout we headed to Taylor’s Mistake, a beach just outside of Christchurch, where we finally  got the chance to swim. It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me, and I’m feelin good.

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